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We have 11 products in Beverages.

A great gift - Dessert Wines!
It's true - the ultimate gift make right here! At Candia Vineyards, we make one of the world's top-ranked dessert wines. Our Ice Storm won BEST OF CLASS and a double gold medal in front of a panel of judges from around the world at the LA International wine competition! Other wines available, call us any time at 603-867-9751.
Price: $29.00 per 375 ml | Units in stock: 99

Apple Cranberry Fruit Wine
Sweet New Hampshire apples and tart Massachusetts cranberries unite in a crisp fruit wine.
Price: $12.95 per 750ml bottle | Units in stock: 400

Cayuga White
A bright semi-sweet white, layered with citrus & exotic fruit with a well-balanced acidity that lingers nicely.
Price: $13.95 per 750ml bottle | Units in stock: 400

For those who enjoy the caramelized robustness of a deeply roasted coffee. ORIGIN: South American
Price: $8.39 per pound | Units in stock: 1000

This shade grown arabica was cultivated at very high altitudes in rich volcanic soils. Its nutty, mild and balanced flavor consistently prove to be one of our customers' favorites. ORIGIN: CENTRAL AMERICA
Price: $7.49 per pound | Units in stock: 1000

Marechal Foch
Medium bodied red wine with deep, dark color of the French Hybrid grape.
Price: $13.95 per 750ml bottles | Units in stock: 400

For those who enjoy a medium roasted arabica that is not too dark and not too light. Just right! ORIGIN: SOUTH AMERICA
Price: $6.89 per pound | Units in stock: 1000

North River Port
New Hampshire’s first classic port. Aged in oak, this special port has qualities of black licorice, clove, layered almond, & balanced oak—ending with a perfect amount of heat.
Price: $19.95 per 375ml bottle | Units in stock: 150

Red Raspberry Fruit Wine
A sweet berry red fruit wine with deep notes of raspberry.
Price: $13.95 per 750ml bottle | Units in stock: 400

This 'Dark Medium' blend of high altitude grown beans creates what many aficionados think of when contemplating a well-balanced and distinctive cup of coffee. ORIGIN: SOUTH AMERICA
Price: $7.49 per pound | Units in stock: 1000

A crisp semi-dry white wine, with notes of melon and pear.
Price: $12.95 per 750ml bottle | Units in stock: 300

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