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We have 4 products in Fruits.

Cortland Apples
Red and juicy.
Price: $1.50 per lb | Units in stock: 40

Cortland apples
Extra large Cortland apples, great for all purpose uses, cooking, baking, snacks salads, etc.
Price: $1.00 per lb. | Units in stock: 100

Frozen Wild Mountain Blueberry Puree
Wild blueberries pureed at harvest and frozen in one gallon containers. Wild Mountain Blueberry Puree is excellant for jam, and has that strong blueberry flavor only wild blueberries provide. Pickup only.
Price: $24.00 per 8 lb. - one gal. | Units in stock: 100

Northern Spy apples
Extra large winter keeper Apples...known for their excellence in pies!
Price: $1.00 per lb | Units in stock: 100

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