Why Buy Local?

There are numerous reasons to buy local:

Local produce is grown for flavor, rather than shelf life. Farmers choose the best tasting fruit, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables, so you can serve your family the best tasting fresh produce available.

It is good for the environment. The "3,000 mile strawberry" and other produce shipped across this country or from foreign countries contribute to air pollution and global warming, as diesel trucks and trains spew carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

Money spent at your local farm or Farmers' Market stays in the community. Research has confirmed the "Multiplier Effect", meaning that the amount spent locally circulates 7 - 12 times in your town or city to th benefit of other local businesses.

By doing so, you support your local farmers and enhance farm viability, preserving New Hampshire's agricultural tradition.

By supporting local agriculture, you also help preserve our rural heritage. Successful farms keep developers out of our fields.


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