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Handspun wool yarn

Merrilyn's Fiber Products

I have 4oz skeins of two ply 100% wool yarn. I have natural colors of light grey, dark grey, black and white. As well as dyed yarns of a rainbow of colors. Each skein contains at least 125 yards. All of the yarns are Romney wool.

Price: $8.00 per 4oz.

Units in stock: 60

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Mohair Fleeces

Merrilyn's Fiber Products

I have many quality mohair fleeces available in a wide range of colors, red, white, silver and black. These are all this years clip. Weights vary.

Price: $45.00 per 1fleece

Units in stock: 25

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Romney roving

Merrilyn's Fiber Products

Available Romney roving natural colors as well as dyed. May be bought in one color or multi color lots.

Price: $8.00 per 5-6 oz bags

Units in stock: 100

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Merrilyn's Fiber Products

I have a wide variety of sheepskins. Many different sizes are available. The wool ranges from very short, soft lambs wool, to a full fleeces sheepskin. Most are white, but I do also have a few black sheepskins.

Price: $80.00 per 1 sheepskin

Units in stock: 15

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wool fleeces

Merrilyn's Fiber Products

I have available a wide variety of fleeces, both colored and white. There are many black fine wool fleeces which are off our Corriedale cross ewes. We also have many white fine wools also. Also available are colored Romney type fleeces they range from light to dark greys. There are a few colored Finn fleeces too. We have many to pick from for whatever you want.

Price: $45.00 per 1 fleece

Units in stock: 40

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