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Webster Ridge Farm

1482 Pleasant St.
Webster, NH 03303-7613
Telephone: 603.648.2595

Webster Ridge Farm Naturally Raised Meat

  • Chicken - pasture raised, specially bred to do well on pasture.  You will be able to taste the difference!
  • Eggs - Free ranging hens, deep orange yolks and the cloudy whites that indicate freshness.
  • Pork - no junk, no table scraps, not overfed on corn.  Experience how pork is really supposed to taste.
  • Lamb - bred for mildness, raised for natural wolesomeness.  Ask us the secret to the best lamb...
  • Beef - properly raised, tender and full of flavor.  The best there is.

Retail, bulk, wholesale and custom quantities!  The online inventory is just a small part of what we stock and sell.

Frankly, we like to eat good food. We will do whatever it takes to choose, grow, process and prepare food that we like and that is right for us.  We expect you to be just as picky as we are!

Our circumstances bless us with the ability and will to grow wholesome food that tastes terrific, is a great value and preserves our way of life.

This is a commitment to do the right thing for all of us. We eat what we grow. Our fellow farmers do as well. We sell what we eat.

We also love visitors (with some warning) and we will be happy to show you how we grow your food.

To order or find out more about us visit our website -


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