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Worm Doo Organics

120 Raymond Rd.
Chester, NH 03036
Telephone: (603) 887-1762

We are Worm Doo Organics, located in Chester, NH.  We specialize in providing clean, organic worm castings for all growing applications.  Our castings are safe for all users and for animals.  They can be used in houseplants, pastures, perennial and annual flowers beds, vegetable gardens, vineyards, etc.  The castings can be used right from the bag and are odorless.  Easy instructions are included in every bag.  For those of you in polite company, castings are worm poop.

We have done the all the work so you can have the wonderful benefits of Nature's Perfect Soil Builder.  Our worms are treated humanely and gently and are fed a consistent organic diet.

Our bags are unique in that they are completely reusable cotton print fabric bags, just like the feedsacks used from the 1920's to the 1950's.  The fabric bags enable the beneficial microbes in the castings to breathe.  You can reuse the bags for many purposes or you can trade them in for a $1 discount on your next castings order.  Details are in the bag on the instruction sheet. 

The castings can be used for casting tea for your plants. Instructions included. 

Shipping is available at actual cost.  Delivery has a modest cost to it, depending on town location.  You can also set an appointment to pick up your castings.  Please let us know!

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