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Hijinks Farm

P.O. Box 143/168 Ingalls Road
Jaffrey, NH 03452
Telephone: 603-532-5825
Fax #: 603-532-5825

About the Farm

Hijinks Farm is a certified organic grower of healthy, sustainable
and farm-fresh food in the heart of the Monadnock region. An
eighteenth century farm located in Jaffrey, Hijinks provides eggs, a
wide range of fruits and vegetables, honey, maple syrup, cut flowers,
potted nursery plants, hand-made soaps, baked goods, even
hand-crafted market bags!

The farm is spread out over 103 acres of mixed fields and forest,
with numerous springs dotting the landscape. We practice intensive
crop rotation, cover cropping and companion planting to ensure
our soil and plants remain happy. We have been certified organic by
the USDA since 2006.

Herbs and Vegetables
We grow over twenty different herb varieties, from Sweet Thai Basil
to German Thyme. Our fields support over thirty different vegetable
varieties. We begin harvesting early greens in May and continue
until early Fall (mid to late September).

Our brown eggs are the work of production Red hens.
The breed combines the hardiness, docility, and reliable laying
characteristics of the Rhode Island Red and the New Hampshire Red.

We grow red raspberries (Prelude) and yellow (Anne). Our growing
orchard features apples (Honeycrisp, Black Oxford, and Garden
Royal), peaches (Reliance and Red Haven), plums (Toka and Purple
Heart), cherry (Northstar) and pears (Dana Hovey and Tyson).
Hardy kiwi is a great twist on the conventional variety - our kiwi
is the size of a large grape.. no peeling required!

Cut Flowers
Hijinks offers cut flowers that can add beauty and color to any room. Grown
epecially for cutting, arranging, and long vase life.

Honey and Maple Syrup
The farm produces natural liquid and comb honey. We make our own maple syrup, typically tapping over 400 trees. Our maple products are marketed under the name
CB’s Sugar Shack.

Where to Find Us
You can find us at local farmer’s markets, or visit the farmstand in our barn, open seasonally Tuesday-Sunday (9am-6pm). Check out our website for a complete produce list and current harvest information.

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