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Granite Ledge Coffee, llc

P. O. Box 276
Canterbury, NH 03224
Telephone: 545-2053

Granite Ledge Coffee, located in historic Canterbury, specializes in the purveyance of freshly roasted specialty grade coffees grown throughout the planet's tropical zones and freshly roasted and prepared here in New Hampshire.

We serve our customers with well established brands and create private label fund-raising products for schools, NGOs, NFPs and Faith Based organizations. New Hampshire based organizations can receive our design and production set-up services at no cost (see: 'fund-raising' page at '').

All Granite Ledge Coffee products are freshly roasted to order.

We never warehouse or stockpile pre-roasted coffee. Because of this we can guarantee that our products will meet you at their very peak of superior flavor. When savored, they will provide a delicious taste experience that only high-altitude-grown specialty coffees can create.

We started roasting beans quite a few years ago. Not so many at first, and then quite a few.

Back in those early years we hand carved "wood cuts" for our labels and packed the freshly roasted beans in plain brown sacks. Perhaps, once I shuffle off this mortal coil, anyone in possession of one of those old bags might have a Road Show treasure. Then again they might not. I wouldn't bet too heavily either way.

We're a tad bit fancier in our production now, but not much. We still hand select the beans; fire roasting them before letting fresh air cool them down. What we end up with are the makings for deliciously fresh coffee. As fresh as, or fresher than, any available anywhere. The reason I know this: because we don't roast it until you place your order. Then, Jaime rolls up in that big brown truck of his and brings it right to you.

I'm prepared to claim that I could ship our beans to Nova Scotia and they'd still be roaster warm when they got there. My son, whom occasionally is tasked with tempering my exuberance, says that might be a stretch. Well, maybe. But I know for a fact that there can be no fresher coffee than that directly from the roaster.

We source the finest raw produce from around the globe, from some of the nicest farmers and people that you could imagine, and then we light them up with fire. That fairly well sums-up what we do.

Our beans have traveled the world ending-up with regular folks, as well as into the coffee mugs of some big-shots too. But regardless of where you buy your shoes, we appreciate your trading with us. From our slice of heaven to yours, we trust that you'll enjoy the freshest coffee from this neck of the woods.


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